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Established in 2015, Big Pond Education (BPE) is a provider of educational technology solutions and other digital resources for K-12 schools and Higher Education institutions in the Philippines. Our vision is to be one of the leading providers of high-quality educational technologies in the country. Our mission is to be responsive to the changing needs of the technology-driven learning environment by bringing the best and most innovative tools that will make learning more fun & engaging for the 21st-century learner while helping improve the quality of Philippine education.




Data-driven Personalized Learning Environment


NUADU provides an interactive online Personalized Learning Environment platform with a vast library of K12 assignments integrated with the core educational curriculums of most countries in the world. The system allows teachers to use ready-made, core curriculum-aligned question base or create their own assignments; assign exercise sets, tests, and quizzes to students; gather data about students’ progress, and quickly identify strengths, weaknesses and learning gaps.


New level proctoring 

SaaS for Distant Examination



Office Address: 7B Cavite Street, West Avenue, 1105 Philippines

Phone: 02 332-1114; 02 371-9083


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